Arctic!! ( Finally )

After 5 days going from Indonesia, with all the obstacles ( 2x flight delayed, 1x cancel flight, bad weather, super foggy, rain, wind) finally we made it to the Arctic! Actually it was out of my expectation, because i thought Arctic will be a place covered by ice and snow, but what i see here is different. It’s a wonderful place, very peaceful, cold and there are a lot of icebergs here.

It is weird that this place has so many icebergs since autumn is just starting here. We were kind of lucky because yesterday the weather was just perfect! So we decided to shoot some scenes.

We went by a boat to a place where there are so many icebergs! It was kind of scary because there were so many icebergs along the way, but lucky we have a super professional driver, so we made it easily.

In that remote place where we shot the scenes, the view is just breathtaking! The place is very quiet, there was literary just us (the team) in that place. We took 4 hours to shoot the scene, it was very cold since we have to stand on the hill, but it was amazing to have this opportunity!

After the shooting done, we went back to our hostel in Qarsiarsuk, had a wonderful dinner and went to bed for another activities the next day.

“It is a new expierience. It is a new world.” – Kevin (Indonesia)

“It is a new expierience. It is a new world.” – Kevin (Indonesia)

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I am Kevin Hendrawan from Indonesia. I am working as a Presenter, Actor and Model in Indonesia. Most of my free time, I use it to travel, practicing martial arts, and learning new things. Climate change is one of my concern. I think climate change is everybody's problem, because we are living in this world. If anything happen in this world, we all take the responsibility. We cannot stop climate change, all we can do is to slow it down. Together, let's find a solution to slow down climate change with an easy and applicative way!

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