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Coming to Greenland has been insightful and very enriching. We’ve been introduced to a whole new perspective of this vast and remote country. Before it seemed so far away, it was something out of a biology or history book. The ice, When landing in Narsarsuaq we were introduced to a landscape of mountains covered with bushes and trees. Sailing across the fjord at full speed, in between melting icebergs, gave the first real impression of how massive this place actually is, these incomprehensible horizons revealed their true nature while we still went 40 knots across the fjord, now towards the village that seemed only a short trip away from the airport. This village is called Qassiarsuk, now feeling like a second home I have developed a stronger sense of responsibility towards protecting this land. The consequences of carbon dioxide emissions has become a more realistic and urgent issue to me now, rather then a distant and irrelevant problem as i am watching and learning that this landscape is experiencing many negative changes regarding the climate.


About the Author Kalinda Palmer


I can’t express how much I value the environment and the land we live on.

Studying VCE Environmental Science in 2014 has educated me on the issues relating to global warming and climate change. I am now studying VCE Environmental science, Biology, Chemistry and Agriculture and have my final year exams in November.
My studies highlighted the fragility of the polar ice caps and the environmental consequences of habitat loss. Comprehending how quickly the world is changing I believe that action needs to take place as expeditiously as possible.

I feel a strong sense of responsibility to help protect the world we walk, swim and crawl on.

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von Margitta Holler

Hi Kalinda, I am impressed about your experiences! I hope you an the team will go on with talking about in your community and taking influence in your places!

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