Youth4planet our aims and vision

The project was born in the idea of enabling youth to directly confront themselves with climate change and visit locations which are critical for the global climate. Since not everybody can visit the artic – this would place a burden to the ecosystem of the arctic – the earthteam – a group of young people from different regions in the world – share and report via social media devices  more or less live about what they see and experience on their journey at this website and via social media channels.   The idea behind youth4planet:   it is today’s youth, that will one day has to live under the consequences our modern lifestyle today creates. To understand that the risks and hazards are already part of todays reality, but also to grasp the beauty of uniqueness of the ecosystem, it is necessary to see it with your own eyes.

We are not only criticizing the current state or showing some terrific pictures. We want to create hope and show what is being done and can be done about preserving the ecosystem. We bring the Earthteam members and discussants at this website together i.a. with scientiest and other professionals to help further the understanding and find solutions for preservation of the ecosystem. We are building an education program connected with UNESCO-Schools. We take the internet as a chance to give the international youth a platform where they can participate and get active. We claim that the issue is far more complex than just reducing CO2, the crucial factor is way of living, our productions, our consumption and the global economy with its need of resources. We won’t blame, but we want to look closly at the different causes and consequences and try to get a deep understanding with the help of scientists and and other professionals and activists and enable the youth to find own solutions.

About the Author emjay

Jonathan is an Artists and Communication Designer slash Web Developer from Hamburg. In his free time he likes to play some blues and jazz on the piano or support youth4planet with his work.

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