Youth4planet is supporting youth organisations engaged in sustainability issues to start their own storytelling processes. We help to encourage your students or participants to find ideas for a better planet.


Create Stories with your smartphone and share them with the Youth4Planet Community!

Do you believe that ideas can change the world?

And that your generation is the game changing one? That digital cooperation and sharing is part of the solution for real world challenges, like a sustainable earth friendly lifestyle?

And - most importantly - do you want to participate and be a driving force in this process of change?

Then become a creator and Story4Change-teller with your smartphone. It's as easy as 1-2-3!

Want to know what all this is about? Watch our video!



We - Youth4Planet - invite YOU to show the world how you would save the environment! No matter how small or ambitious your idea might be - we want to hear it!


The most promising ideas will be promoted by us on all of our social media channels, on summits and conventions, on film festivals and much, much more.

We will also present your videos to ministries, governments and CEOs of some of the biggest companies around the globe!



But that's not all, we're also regularly giving away prizes under all submissions that aid your storytelling and moviemaking!

Current giveaway:
● 15-Day Interrail Tickets for every Member of the winning Team!
● 3x ROLLEI City Traveler Carbon Tripod

You can participate in our project by producing a short video - your Story4Change - following these three storytelling steps:


  1. Who am I and where am I?
  2. What is the problem I want to address?
  3. This is what we should do about it!


By keeping these rules in mind, you can make sure that everyone understands your message.


There is no Deadline in this competition, however if you want your Story4Change to be considered for an award at the Climate Week Hamburg 2018, where Prince Albert of Monaco will hand over prizes and rewards to the strongest participants, your entry needs to be submitted by 15. September!


When you're done filming and editing your video, you are ready to submit it to us, and you can do so using one of the two following methods:

Option one: Submit a YouTube link

1. Register

Register your account and become part of the youth4planet community. Your Story4Change video will later also be visible in your profile.

2. Upload your video

Upload your video to your YouTube account. Use "Story4Change" in your title and "youth4planet" + "story4change" as tags. Make it publicly accessible, licence it under CreativeCommons and keep in mind not to upload copyrighted material! Check out the tutorials below on how to upload your video.

3. Submit your story

Log in to your account and go to Profile > Story4Change - submit a link or click here.

Copy the link to your video from YouTube into the Stories4Change submission form, make sure to tick all required boxes and click SEND.

DONE! Easy as 1-2-3

Option two: Directly upload a video file

1. Register

Register your account and become part of the youth4planet community. Your Story4Change video will later also be visible in your profile.

2. Prepare for upload

Log in to your account and go to Profile > Story4Change - direct upload or click here.

The file requirements are listed on the upload page. Keep in mind not to upload any copyrighted material!

3. Upload your story

Once your video meets all the criteria, click Go to Upload.

You will be redirected to our upload page, hosted by WeTransfer. You'll also receive the upload link in your mail.

Add the video file you want to upload, put in your eMail address and click upload.

Please keep in mind that video files are big in size, and the upload could take a while, depending on your connection speed.

DONE! Easy as 1-2-3

Video Tutorials for submitting a YouTube link

Upload using iOS...

Here we explain how to upload your video with your iPhone.

... or using your computer

In this video we will show you how to upload your video from your desktop PC

Creative Commons

This video explains how to change your video to creative commons license.


Do you still have questions? Don't hesitate to contact us!

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